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Order received from customer:WEB20141-08

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Dear sir/madam webshop,

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Your order id: WEB20141-08
Your customer id: 1244

You ordered the following products:

1 x product Superman
Color: White, Text:
E55,95 a piece
1 x product Sexy in red
Color: Red, Text:
E14,95 a piece
Shipping method Postal service E15,00
Taxes VAT 19.00% E11,32
Taxes VAT 19.00% E2,39
The total amount including taxes E85,90

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webshop webshop

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Account number: 12345678
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Subject/Reference: WEB20141-08

Please transfer the entire invoice amount within 12 days. When we receive your payment, this order will processed further and will be shipped as soon as possible.

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